Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why aren't I working on my thesis right now?

I find it interesting that after going months without writing a single blog post, I have now written three in one sitting. I am in front of my computer at my part-time job as a docent/shop worker at a historic house museum. I obviously have access to a computer, so I should be working on my thesis, but we've been busy....and, well, I'm just being lazy. Blame it on the rain, I guess.

This day was almost like any other day: the computer didn't work and my over-60 co-workers' suggestion was to hit the ENTER key until things straightened out actually worked. And as usual, droves of visitors came in just as I was trying to eat my lunch (I don't get a real lunch break). But today, something magical happened. A group of 10 (give or take - I was a little dazed) attractive male architecture students came in with pencils and sketchbooks in hand. This may not seem like much, but when the only people you see for an eight-hour shift are either on their honeymoon or members of AARP, the sight of an attractive, appropriately aged male is something beautiful to behold. Plus, the fact that they were architecture students made my little historic preservationist heart go pitty pat.

I probably sounded like an idiot when I told one of them not to worry that he forgot his ticket because I had heard their group was coming. The truth is that one of my classmates works at a sister house museum they had visited the day before and mentioned this group of guys might visit the next day. Trying to be charming, I told him that whenever people under 50 come visit the house, it's something we can't help but mention to each other. Thankfully, he laughed which hopefully is a good indication he didn't think I was creepy.

The lack of eligible men in my city is appalling. I won't say where I live because I love this city with all of its charm and elegance, but it seems like the only people that I see regularly are tourists, honeymooners, old people and spoiled college students. The "men" that live here tend to be over-grown frat boys that wear short khaki shorts and either work as bartenders or at a job their daddies got for them.

OK, maybe not that short, but you get the picture.

I have had the most amazing time living here, but as my gorgeous, intelligent, funny...and single...female classmates have said time and time again: If any of us are ever going to find a man (no boys, please) then we have got to get away from here. Lucky for me graduation is coming up and I need to get a job. I have a promising possibility in the town where I was I pray that God will guide me to the place I need to be.


  1. You gave a great description...I got a hilarious image in my head of you and the group of architecture hotties :) Hey, take 'em where you can get 'em! PS--That guy's shorts are A.TROC.IOUS!!