Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reading for Fun

Now that I'm finished with my first year of graduate school, I finally have some free time to read for fun. All reading is fun, you say? I love history, but not all history-oriented texts are "fun." In fact, many are quite dry. Hence the reason why I need some mind candy to give my overworked brain a rest.

I'll be honest and say that my "fun books" lean on the romantic side of the literary spectrum. I would like to say that I spend my free hours reading the classics, but it just isn't so. Bring on the romantic fluff. Unfortunately, many of these novels come packaged with rather embarrassing covers which further the cheesy stigma that comes with this genre. Publishing companies were at some point misinformed that women felt comfortable buying and checking out books with women in heaving bodices and long-haired, half-naked men on the cover (sorry Fabio). For example:

Here is a popular pose. Please note the title of this book. Absolutely hysterical!

There are no words.

Now, riddle me this: Are there any other women out there who find these awkward too? It makes me feel like I'm purchasing inappropriate things from an adult store or something. I actually refuse to buy or check out books with covers like that. For those that do, bookstores and libraries might want to start offering brown paper sacks.

Thankfully, not all romance - chick lit have these types of covers. Many modern books are erring on the side of whimsy or simplicity. Perhaps the racy covers are a throwback from former decades. This might explain why many of the women have ridiculously big hair.

At any rate, I will continue to read my "fun books" and hold my head high. It's summer, and my brain needs a vacation.

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  1. Scottie McMullet!! Woo hoo!!! That is priceless! Jeff and I were looking at books at Sam's a couple of weeks ago and there were some pretty awesome covers of NEW books. Not sure what that's about. But I'm with you, I like fluffy romance, just not with embarassing cover art. BTW, apparently in the recession right now, romance is outselling any other genre of literature. So you are not the only one out there looking for fluffy romances!