Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm 25, and I live with my parents...I promise I'm not a loser!

Most newly graduated master's degree students would balk at the idea of moving back in with their parents, but that's exactly what I've done. I graduated in May with a master's degree in historic preservation.

The past two years have been filled with wonderful experiences in new places and lifelong friends. I moved away from home to go to grad school...almost 9 hours to be exact (which was pretty far for me). I thought when I graduated that I was destined to settle somewhere other than my hometown.

The prospect of getting a job in the field of preservation was just not something I considered to be an option where I'm from. During some preliminary job hunting in January, I found a job on PreserveNet.com to be an Architectural Historian in my hometown. What are the odds? A lengthy interview process ensued, and I was eventually offered the job.

As I neared the end of my schooling, I began to feel more and more drawn home. I almost thought something was wrong with me that I didn't want to stay where I was (which was a beautiful city filled with some of the most fantastic historic buildings you've ever seen) or go somewhere even more exotic. I felt the need to be closer to home. I have a wonderful relationship with my family and have never wanted to be far away from them. But as a young, single woman, I thought I should "spread my wings" so to speak, and go wherever I wanted to go while I wasn't tied down to anybody or anything.

My decision to accept this job wasn't terribly difficult, but being the indecisive creature that I am, I had a few sleepless nights trying to choose between this job and another potential job opportunity that was "right up my alley" and was located in the town where I was already living.

In the end, the job in my hometown won out and I am happy to be here. I enjoy spending time with my parents, sister and her husband....and of course my new baby nephew. I didn't want to be an absentee aunt and I LOVE getting to see him regularly.

My family suffered the loss of a loved one recently, and I know that my being home is exactly where I'm supposed to be. It is amazing how things work out.

Now, for those of you who scoff at me living with parents, to you I say: Pay off my student loans and help me find an apartment or house, then we'll talk. I get along with my parents extremely well, and they give me plenty of space and a place to live while I save money so I can make a dent in my student loan payments.

After I told one of my coworkers where I lived, she said, "Just don't make it a habit." I thought that was really funny. I suppose the concept is probably foreign to most people, but I don't plan on living with them forever. It's just nice to be able to come home not only to spend time with my family, but also get well on my way to paying off loans and saving some money for my own place.

They say you can't go home again, but I say if you're family is willing and able to have you back, then it is okay to take advantage of that gracious offer in order to establish yourself for the future.


  1. I think you're one smart cookie, and I'm proud to claim you as my friend! I think it's fabulous to be able to spend time with your family now that you have a new, grown-up perspective on things (and them). They're just amazing, so you could do WAY worse :) Plus, you get to save some money while you're at it. Can't beat that with a stick! So glad you updated your blog...love much! XO, J

  2. Hi! I found your blog through J! Funny how your most recent blog is about living with parents.... I also live with my parents at 24, working on my second bachelor degree and I wouldn't change it for anything! :)
    Tuff for those that didn't get to save that rent money every month! It sure is nice being able to be around family. I may not ever leave... Baha! Just kidding. Maybe next year!

  3. I don't see one single thing wrong with moving home to get your feet on the ground! I recently graduated with my bachelors degree and am likely moving home until my wedding in November. I think the time at home will be nice =)

    Hope all has worked out well for you! Best wishes!